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YAPTP. Yet Another Place to Post. In which I "launch" a new site, and have a few interesting links and quotes to share. Never mind about the monkey.

Short for, Yet Another Place to Post.

The bmann.ca domain hasn't gotten usage in a while, so why not try a fully hosted Ghost Pro account, including email subscription! I feel pretty good about supporting [[Ghost]]. The recent 4.0 release means that the hosted offering has a new $9/month plan, which I'm on for a year.

I have lots of places to post. But what if you could get that content, but...via email! (yes, you can read this site via RSS, too).

I'm going to look through my Twitter favourites, my Github stars, and a few other places that I store things that I don't necessarily post about on social media directly.

What do you get if you pay for a subscription? Good question! There will be members-only posts, it's free to signup / subscribe to the newsletter, and we'll figure out the rest as we go.

John O'Nolan, Founder of Ghost, has a thread on building & shipping 4.0 with a team that has always been distributed, but that COVID still made everything harder:

I was surprised to see that hosted Ghost still has "email us" as the way to setup custom domain names. I guess DNS is mostly still confusing to people and a large number just end up in support anyway? By the time you read this, the team has emailed me back and it works.

Apparently I need to read The man who lied to his laptop, via:

Two Robins: Robin Sloan, defining the High Blogging Era as mid-2000s. Found via Robin Rendle in Blogging and Dimly Lit Bars.

I'm starting a blog newsletter. The meta-blogging will continue.

Naturally, the mom-and-pop businesses of today are YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Shopify dropshippers, webcomic artists, podcast hosts, Tik Tok stars, OnlyFans creators, indie game developers, streetwear resellers, Etsy store owners, Clubhouse hosts, Substack writers, and many, many more. Deploying on top of the distribution railroad tracks that have been competitively laid by internet platforms over the past decades, addressable online customers have never been more abundant.

The American Dream is Going Digital (GDoc Article), by @cpaik

But Boris, why are you writing this single user weekly link newsletter thingie?!?! You know it's all about community-curated knowledge networks:

Yes, that's a 2020 tweet thread. Still good, probably more timely today.

I find most of the tension to be between the recently labeled content web vs app web.

The people who complain about unreadable pages bloated with JS to read a blog post are right.

The people who want to build local first, browser-centric apps are right.

Me, from a discussion in the [[wikilinks]] Matrix channel with @karlicoss