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Where is the Frontier?

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Commenting on Chris Messina's FB thread on part 2 of his interview.

Mozilla has a lot of fronts to fight on. Storage, hosting, apps, app stores, identity, payment, messaging. With a layer of social graph / interest graph.

I can "feel" a tingling in my gut that there people that want to go out onto the frontier again, but I'm not clear where that frontier even is.

I have a known site, I'm posting to Medium, and we're having long useful conversations on Facebook.

Boris Mann

Some recommendations for friends on eating & drinking in #Gastown

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All this is in walking distance, so find a place to stash your car.

Friday: drinks at the Black Florist on Water Street, which is right across from my new office. Food is pretty good too.

Might want to do dinner at Wildebeest (meat forward menu. Get the hay smoked quail). On Hastings west of Abbott.

L'Abbatoir is also good. On Carrall Street just south of Water Street close to the Gassy Jack statue.

There will be a line up / 1hr+ wait, but if you walk over early to Ask for Luigi (Italian, all hand made pastas, mainly wine menu) on Alexander, then walk back to The Diamond for cocktails while waiting, could be worth it.

A giant list of craft beers at Alibi Room on Alexander at Main Street.

Boris Mann

Trying out The Ramen Butcher

With #HUMAN guys #Kharis and #Ryan.

Tried the new place. Noodles: skinnier than I'm used to, good texture, 4/5 (Bonus, you get one free refill of noodles!). Chasu: had the fatty. It was a thin strip, good flavour, but not as substantial as I'm used to, 3.5/5. Broth: I had the Black garlic, good mouth feel, nice flavour, 4.5/5. All in all, awesome to have in the neighbourhood.

Boris Mann

Home on #bowenisland for the weekend & @anneonbowen showed me Bowen Lift App

A great, locally made website / mobile web app for giving and finding rides. This is the kind of sharing economy stuff that could really work, when we connect tech with local spirit.

Nice work, Tom Carchrae!

Boris Mann

Boris Mann

Did a small group cap table learning session this morning. Here's the presentation deck

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When IPA autocorrects to iOS, you haven't been drinking enough beer

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Haxen Thursday Lunch

Eating haxen (roast pork hock) for lunch

Location: Deutsches Haus



The Deutsches Haus restaurant at the Alpen Club on Victoria has specials on haxen on Thursdays. We're going for lunch to eat all the porks.

Boris Mann

Schnitzel Tuesdays and Haxen (Pork Hock) Thursdays (via @rachaelashe)

Rachael found out that the Deutsches Haus restaurant on Victoria has weekly, delicious, pork-based lunch specials. I'm thinking we need to try this out.

Boris Mann

Fatty Cow Hot Pot

Andrea photobombs the #hotpot just as it gets started.

After asking for different hot pot options, we ended up going to our usual, Fatty Cow (Yelp) on Victoria.

Fernando recommend Landmark (Yelp), but reviews said it is very expensive.

#Vancouver #restaurant